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The guys are an easy going bunch of fellows who enjoy a game and a beer and a feed afterwards with many an after match story telling session held at a restaurant or pub. These are usually dominated by stories that start off  "But did you see the goal I scored from half way with my left foot!" or " How about that flick pass around the defender which you should have put away!" or "how about that amazing save that won us the game!"

Still, the stories are all based on fact...

Anyway the girlfriends / wives encourage us by telling us how great we were. That's because they were so busy gossiping to each other that they didn't actually see the amazing goal, pass, save, so they lie to ensure that our egos stay intact!

Well enough said about the stories.

The actual games (no embellishments here) are played at the Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. We are currently in C Grade (top of the table) and should progress to B Grade next season. Games are two 19 minute halves with a running clock and a 3 minute halftime. Games are 5 a side with unlimited substitutions on play stoppages except the last three minutes when no subs are allowed. The goal box semicircle is the "offside zone" with no other offside rule being played. The ball must be kept below the height of the top goal post which limits the height of passes.

The team is composed of friends and acquaintances of friends that have come together for the mutual enjoyment of playing soccer with a great bunch of mates.

The team profiles can be found by going to the profiles page.


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