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The team is composed of

adder -    Statistician and forward. Sets up a lot of goals and also scores well himself.

cycho -    Defender and harasser. Fastest player we have who wins an incredible number of tackles

kopite -   Captain and forward. Scores prolifically and brilliantly. Loudest talker off the pitch. (That would be the Irish blarney in him!)

leary -     Midfield and part time goalie. Tenacious in defense and screams gutteraly when  scoring goals

neuro -    Goal keeper and forward. Gives great balls from goalbox often resulting in 1 or 2 touch goals. Scores occasionally also.

pete -     Forward. awesome to watch as he jinks and weaves with the ball seemingly glued to his feet. Combines well with Kopite to score and set up goals.

zugai -    Centre back / sweeper. Our main defender is stocky and fast. He makes lots of tackles and usually comes up with the ball. Stops an incredible amount of shots on goal with his body.


Ex players

enrico - Italian import. Enrico is Marco's cousin - he played well in 2002 before returning to Italy.

fox -        Forward. Scores well and also supports midfield well. last played in 2002 before a family addition became a greater priority.

marco - Italian import. Marco is a prolific goalscorer and consistently puts away 4 or more goals per match. Marco last played in 2002 before returning to Italy.

muzza -    Forward / midfield and part time goalie. Sets up a lot of goals but hasn't found the back of the net too often himself. Last played in 2002 before moving on.

Other players have included mothra, ham, tone and the odd fill in.


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