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Date Opposition Court Time
20-Aug-2004 My Build 1 5:30 PM
27-Aug-2004 Bye    
03-Sep-2004 Seedy City 1 5:30 PM
10-Sep-2004 Look Ladies 1 7:30 PM
17-Sep-2004 Rasputin 5 6:50 PM
24-Sep-2004 Concrete Donkey 5 8:50 PM
01-Oct-2004 Chuck FC 1 8:10 PM
08-Oct-2004 My Build 3 5:30 PM
15-Oct-2004 Bye    
22-Oct-2004 Seedy City 1 8:10 PM
29-Oct-2004 Semi Final    
30-Oct-2004 Grand Final    

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